Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scrabble Junior

Last week sometime, or maybe it was the week before, we got a message from Brookshires grocery store on our answering machine. Ethan's name had been drawn in their monthly Kids Club drawing, and there was a prize waiting for him at the customer service desk next time we were at the store.

We put it off, thinking it would be just another 5-cent piece of Happy Meal junk.

And then Dave ran up there today to buy soda, and while he was there he figured he'd go ahead and pick up Ethan's prize.

And it was Scrabble Junior.

We were shocked. We'd never imagined it would be such a nice, real prize. Granted, he's not quite ready for Scrabble, Jr. or otherwise, so we're putting it up for the time being, but still, we were very pleasantly surprised.

What's even more surprising, the lady at customer service told Dave that hardly anyone they call ever shows up to pick up what they've won.

So my advice to you is this: if you live in an area serviced by Brookshires, and they call you to say that your name has been drawn for anything, by all means, go pick up your prize. Because chances are good that it's a nice one.

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