Monday, February 11, 2008

Ethan at the Park

It was so very unbelievably gorgeous out this weekend, it would have been nothing short of criminal to stay in the house for even one second longer than absolutely necessary.

So we spent all our waking hours next door at the park. And it was very striking just how much Ethan has mastered since they first built the park. At first he was afraid to go down the medium slide, now he practically flies down the biggest one. He also was skittish about climbing, yet this weekend he was climbing everything as high as he possibly could and draping himself over the top, basking in the sun like a lion.


Jamie said...

Daredevil! He's growing up so quickly. What an adorable little boy!

Mommy said...

He had SO much fun - I just wish he'd slow down long enough for some really nice pictures! He definitely keeps me moving, that's for sure!