Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ethan at the Park II

FINALLY some decent pictures of my eldest. They were hard to come by, let me tell you!

He was trying to scoot backwards up the slide!


Gail said...

I love the pictures!!! :) They are great, I really like the third one!

T-shirt and shorts?! I'm jealous! But not *too* much...we were outside today in jeans and sweatshirts and it was good!

Jamie said...

You've got some good looking little boys down there in Texas:o)

Kerrie said...

Unlike Gail I can be *really* jealous of the shorts and tees! It hasn't broken 35 here in weeks.
But I didn't think about that 'till I read the comments, your little man is too distractingly handsome! :-)