Monday, February 11, 2008

Aidan at the Park

It was far easier to set up shots with Aidan, as he was not constantly moving in fast-forward like Ethan was. (I am so in love with that Seussian trumpet-phone thingie. One end is down on the ground, the other end is at the top of the slide.)


Jamie said...

What great smiles you captured! He's a cutie!

I need your help with boy haircuts! I love Ethan and Aidan's hair. John has goofy hair and I need to figure out what to do with it!!!

Kerrie said...

Oh my goodness they look like they're having fun.
I am just ever-so-slightly jealous of your Texas tee-shirt weather!

Mommy said...

Thank you!

The haircuts - I'm almost ashamed to tell you. LOL :$

When I think their hair is getting too unruly, I just slap the 1/8" guard on the clippers and shave them like little Marines. I'm talking practically bald. They've gotten a few weeks' worth of growth back on them now.

Gail said...

Ok, A's it from Children's Place...with an orange basketball on the front??

Zander has it!

Mommy said...

Yep, it's got an orange basketball on it. We got it from Kohl's though. He's got another red one with a fire truck too. I LOVE those shirts.

Gail said...

Zander has the firetruck one too...and a lightblue one w/a racecar on it!

I love them!