Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quote of the Day

Ethan went outside after his nap to play in the back yard before it got too dark. Across the fence, the neighbor kids, much older than he, were jumping on their trampoline. Ethan, ever the extrovert, ran to the fence to talk to them.

Soon I heard him calling me, and opened the door to see him racing toward the house, a bemused those-darn-kids expression on his face.

"Mommy, I was talking to the neighbors."
"You were, huh?"
"Yes, and I didn't want a piece of them. They thought they were food, Mommy! But I didn't want a piece of them because they are not food! That's kind of silly, isn't it?"

I assured him it was silly, but suggested maybe he not spend much more time at the fence, because they don't sound like very nice kids. "Sure they are!" he insisted. But by the time he got back again, they had gone in.

Just as well, if you ask me. Although Ethan's interpretation of the classic line amused me just a bit.


Gail said...

I love it!

Kerrie said...

Aww! Adorable!

But gaaaah that irks me.
There are few things I hate more about my job than trying to gently explain to a sweet innocent that I'd rather they stay away from certain children without coming right out and using the words "RUDE DORKS".
Some people just need a poke in the eye. :-P

Mommy said...

I know. Goobers. I was glad they went back in the house.