Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh, I Am So Embarrassed

For the past couple of days, Dylan has had a cough. It's not a horrible cough. It's not a constant cough. But it's just nasty enough to wake him up from his naps and from what should be a sound, all-night slumber. And when Dylan wakes up at 4AM, Mommy wakes up at 4AM.

I called the pediatrician yesterday afternoon to see if there was anything left available OTC just to take the edge off his cough. Nope. Nothing available for babies anymore. The Dr. wants to see babies in the office if they are coughing. Could we make it in the morning at 9?

We certainly could. So this morning we bundled up and went in, with me thinking he must have another ear infection or something, since he had no other symptom but the coughing.

She checked him over and determined that he has...

...a cold.

In four years of mothering three children, I have never been failed by my instincts when it comes to whether my kids are sick enough to be seen. To go into the Dr's office and pay $20.00 to be told my son has a cold was pretty humiliating. Better safe than sorry, I know, but still.

In other, unrelated, news: this evening the Teddy Graham family was spotted enjoying a Dallas Cowboys football game.


Jamie said...

There's no need to feel humiliated. Truly! You are just an awesome mommy looking out for her boys:o)

Kerrie said...

Besides, you didn't call looking for an appointment, just something to relieve the cough a bit! THEY are the ones who insisted you come in! ;-)