Monday, January 07, 2008

New Skeleton Discovered... On My Fridge

Ethan's really been enjoying his skeleton and major organ magnet sets. I, on the other hand, get a little disconcerted every time I go to open the fridge and see a liver or a large intestine or a pancreas staring me right in the eye.

So Ethan came running excitedly to me the other day. "Mommy!! Mommy! Come see! Come see the HUGE bone I made! It's so huge!"

So I went to look, and he had actually gotten most of the skeleton right - the cranium, rib cage, and pelvis were where they were supposed to be (never mind the hodge podge of hands and feet scattered haphazardly around the pelvis).

"But where," I hear you asking, "are the legs? Where are the arms?"

Ethan has created a new subspecie of Homo sapien. Ethan's new model is all about options. He can walk on those feet (or hands, or both) attached directly to his pelvis....OR! He can hop about on the enormous built-in stilt/pogo stick protruding from his skull.

Behold. Homo stiltus. Or, if you prefer, Pogo Man.

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