Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Aidan!

You're two years old today.

Tonight, when Daddy gets home, we're going to have a special Thomas the Tank Engine cake for you, and we'll open your presents. Daddy's picking up a few last-minute things for you even as I type this. I bought you some things too. As a matter of fact, you played with them while we finished up shopping, but I bet you don't even remember that we paid for them and brought them home. I love shopping with you at this age - I don't have to leave you at home to do Christmas or birthday shopping.

You've been a regular Houdini lately with your pajamas. At first you would take off your pants when we put you in separates, and then freeze your legs off and not sleep well. So we started putting you in blanket sleepers. Which you learned to unzip and wriggle out of. So now your whole body was uncovered, not just your legs. So I pinned the zipper to the top. And you undid the pin, unzipped the zipper, and froze to death yet again. Finally, we started snapping a onesie on the outside of your pants. You haven't yet figured out how to undo those snaps, but somehow you HAVE learned to wriggle one arm out through the neck. By the time Dylan is old enough to wear these shirts, they will just slip down over his shoulders, you'll have them so stretched out. Also, you've learned to take off the pants from underneath the onesie, without undoing the snaps. I have no idea how you're doing it, but you are bound and determined to sleep in nothing but a diaper and freeze your wee buns off, and I guess you will have to learn about cause and affect the hard way. Stubborn little stinker.

You're almost ready to talk. Lately you've been trying to string sentences together, even though you don't really say any words yet, but there's a lot of gesturing going on, and sometimes we can understand you and sometimes not.

You had your first whole granola bar this morning (Kashi cherry dark chocolate), as a special breakfast treat, and you spent the entire time telling us about it. "Bar. Bar. Bar! BAR! BAR! Baaaaaaar! Bar. Baaaaaar. BAR! BAAAAAAR!!!" So I guess that was a hit with you. I'm sure you felt very grown up - almost as grown up as your big brother.

Happy birthday to you, my middlest boy. I love you.

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Jamie said...

Hope Aidan's birthday was wonderful for all of you. I can't believe how your boys are growing. I've "known" you for such a long time;o)