Friday, December 21, 2007

Notes to Self Re: Next Year's Tree

Things That Worked Well
1) Dried orange slices (I was surprised at how many compliments I've gotten on these - they are reminiscent of stained glass)
2) Popcorn and cranberry strings (a colossal pain in the hind quarters, but pretty anyway)
3) Gingerbread cookie ornaments (next year perhaps the kids will be more helpful. One can hope, anyway)

Things That Need Improvement
1) The glittery snow effect is nice, but do not use cinnamon pinecones from Michaels for this craft. Most of what's in the bag is crushed, and they are so strongly scented that you will stash them in the pantry so as not to have to smell them and get headaches, but then all your bread will taste like fake cinnamon. Instead find out if someone you know will let you hunt pinecones in their yard.

Things to Try for Next Year
1) Rock candy icicles. Good science project, too. Too bad I thought of it too late this year.
2) Lights. Next year definitely do lights. White would look beautiful, and I'm partial to white anyway, but the colored lights might be more fun for the kids and would be more in keeping with the folksy spirit of the tree.

Things Not to Try Again
1) The star formed by the seeds in an apple core may tempt you to dry slices for the tree, but they just pucker and shrivel.

(I know I said I'd post pictures, but I'm ashamed to admit I'm not done with it yet. Ethan is not nearly as interested as I thought he'd be, and I'm having to do it all alone. Bah humbug.)

(Oh, and have I mentioned yet that our tree is dead? No? Well, then, our tree is dead. Went on a hunger strike, and hasn't taken so much as a sip of water since we put it in the stand. Methinks that when we bought it, it wasn't as fresh as it might have been. Either that or it's protesting the Christmas plight of firs and pines everywhere.)


Gail said...

*cue twilight zone music*

Our tree died too!! LOL Same wasn't drinking like it should...this is too wierd!

I think we're gonna be dorks though and snag a new tree...*sigh*...Josh wants to have everything *just so* when his family gets here. I think it's kinda fun, hopefully this one will be thirsty!

Kerrie said...

Wow! You are amazingly creative (and energetic! I can't even imagine how much work you did on all these handmade decorations!)
I can't wait for the pictures!

Jamie said...

You've given me some good ideas for next year. Right now I'm just trying to help my tree hang on til New Year's Day!