Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you had a happy and blessed Christmas.

Ours was wonderful. Dave's mom was able to drive down and be with us for the entire week, and we were so happy to have her.

This year the internet really let us down. We ordered most of our gifts online, and while everything that I ordered arrived in time, many of Dave's things and his mom's things and even some things my mom sent didn't get here until after Christmas. So booooo internet! But if we're looking on the bright side of things, I guess it means we got to stretch Christmas out just a little bit longer (we told Ethan that Santa forgot some things and had to make another trip).

I got a new set of pots and pans. My first all-brand-new set ever. My whole life I've been cooking in a hodge podge of cobbled together pieces, and had to adjust to the temperment of each piece - this one gets hotter than the rest, that one has a sticky spot, remember not to touch the handle on the other one while it's on the burner because that handle gets way too hot. No more! I have two saucepans, two fry pans, and a stockpot. And lids!! Lids for all my pots. I've been cooking up a storm. I made chicken pot pies for the freezer, macaroni and cheese, I've lost count of the grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs I've fried up, and tonight I put together and froze what looked like nearly 2 gallons of tomato soup. At first I thought the "no dishwasher" stipulation would be a problem, but honestly these just rinse clean. I've never seen anything like it - SO easy! I am a very, very happy girl indeed.

I also got some busy books, one for toddlers and one for preschoolers. I was skimming last night, and got so excited over some of the great (and easy, and cheap) ideas. This morning, I set Ethan down with a plastic bowl of soapy water, some pennies and nickels, and an old toothbrush. I explained to him that he could make the money very shiny and clean - won't that be fun? He looked skeptical, but gamely scrubbed a nickel, and then gave up because his hands were getting dirty. Dirty with clean soapy water. So that was that. But surely we'll find something that will appeal to him.

In keeping with his fascination with how his body works, and what's underneath his skin, Ethan also got a set of magnets that we're keeping on the fridge until I can get him a nice magnetic easel.

I felt weird holding up a small, brownish-blackish piece to Dave and saying, "Look closely. If you see this on the floor, make sure you don't throw it away. It's a spleen." File that under Things I Never Thought I'd Have To Say.

I didn't take a picture of the whole tree, since I never did completely finish the tree (*blush*), and also because it was right next to the horribly cluttered bar (*double blush*) but I took pictures of different sections of the tree, with which I'll close.

Happy New Year everyone!

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