Friday, December 14, 2007

How's This for Melodrama?

This morning, a trifecta of catastrophe greeted me. I will not go into detail, as the thought of it still makes me cringe. Suffice to say, things were a mess, and all three children were screaming for attention all at the same time: Ethan in the bathtub, Aidan in his high chair, and Dylan on the couch.

Every now and then, someone simply has to draw the short straw. Today, it was Ethan. Aidan, too, yes, but he handled it far better. Ethan, better able to articulate his thoughts, harangued me with a barrage of whining as I nursed Dylan.

On being told for the 6,475,893rd time that I would get him out of the bathtub soon - in a minute - just hang on - haven't I already said I'm busy? - I'll get to you - just WAIT, son! - he finally burst into tears.

"I am HUNGRY! Oh! I will DIE in the bathtub! I need food! Oh!! I will NEVER eat again! There is NO FOOD in this bathtub!"

As frazzled as I was, and as pitiful as he sounded, I had to laugh.

And no, he didn't die of starvation. Just so you know.


Jamie said...

He and Ida must be somehow related. Or perhaps there was a full moon that affected bath behavior the other day?

She had an all out drama attack while in the tub. I had to walk away so I wouldn't laugh out loud.

She also said she would die...if we didn't get her out immediately.

We didn't...and she didn't.

Kerrie said...

That is SO FUNNY!!!
Now that she's old enough that drowning isn't a concern I left Chloe playing in the bathtub one day last week while I went back downstairs to take care of something.
She called to me that the water was getting cool and I answered that I'd be right back up to get her and then I FORGOT she was in the tub!!
The poor little thing was positively BLUE when I ran back up. *blush*