Saturday, November 10, 2007

The World Through Ethan's Eyes

Dave's mom got Ethan his first camera for his birthday, and he's been very busy since, taking pictures of everything around the house. We love this camera! It's very very easy for a kid his age to use; the controls are remarkably intuitive. He loves scrolling through and watching on the display screen all the pictures he's taken.

It took him a while to orient himself....

But once he did, he took lots of pictures of the things he likes.

Not pictured are a couple dozen more photos of various Hot Wheels cars, a series of pictures of the vacuum cleaner, an artful shot of a jar of salsa, and another series I call "The View From the Back Seat."
UPDATE: (Hi, Kerrie!)
Here are the links for the camera:
I think they've come down in price at Amazon, because they're trying to stay competitive with Walmart, so I'd check Walmart's prices first. ;)


Kerrie said...

Oh my goodness! He got some wonderful shots for a little guy!
May I ask what kind of camera it is? HRH Princess Chloe would LOVE something like that, meanie mommy won't let her touch the Nikon. ;-)

Kerrie said...

Oh they are awesome! Thanks Ami!

Seeing the boy and girl versions now I'm thinking these would be good Christmas gifts for Chloe AND Corry (except that could mean I'll be spending most of 2008 downloading photos... )