Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Quiet Man

Aidan is just full of surprises.

He lives in his own little world, and he's the only toddler I've ever met who's never been much for attention. Every once in a while, he will quietly back up to you and stand or sit quietly, but for the most part if you lift him onto your lap, or try to cuddle, he will squirm away and off he goes. For this reason I don't get as much opportunity to read to him or play with him as I did with Ethan.

Also, he's always been a little physically slow. Solids weren't something he could manage until 8 months, sitting not until 10, and walking at around 15 months.

And yet, mentally, he's sharper than I gave him credit for, especially since he gives me so few chances to interact with him. I mean, aside from starting to learn his letters, I was startled to see that he has, in his own quiet way, without any fuss or fanfare, learned his colors.

My mother-in-law had a shirt on with sparkles forming stars, and Aidan was fascinated with it. She asked him, "can you find a red star?" and lo and behold, he pointed to red. Ditto blue and white.

And once again, I was surprised to see how much he is picking up without any discernable input from me. He's quite the autodidact.

Aidan. My little introvert. Plowing through life head-down, desiring and demanding very little, but soaking up the world like a sponge.

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