Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Not-So-Standard Time

So my laptop? I think it fell back twice for the time change. Once at the old time, whenever it was back in October, and then I'm pretty sure it did it again when it changed this weekend. Because the laptop is saying it's 1:30-ish, while the clock on the wall is saying it's 2:30-ish, and I know we changed the time on the wall clock. But I haven't any way of knowing which clock is truly right, because I have no control clock in this house. The thing I hate about the stupid time changes is that it takes several days to finally get all the clocks on the same page.

I am so confuzzled.

UPDATE: Blogger timed this post at almost 2:30-ish as well, so I'm going with the consensus. If you can't trust Blogger to be right, who can you trust?

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