Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The UN Security Council's Guide to Raising Children

I have decided to take a page from the UN's book and try their tactics in dealing with my children. What works in the macrocosm of the world should work in the microcosm of my own home, right?

So let's see...

If Ethan does anything outside the bounds of what is, in this household, considered acceptable behavior, I would pass a resolution. "Ethan," I would tell him in tones most serious, "if you do not stop, Mommy will pass a resolution condemning your actions. Consider this your warning."

His response to this will probably be to keep on doing whatever he was doing, but that's OK. When he does, I will condemn his actions in no uncertain terms.

I'm confident this will take care of any and all problems we ever have with him.

Because it worked in Bosnia.

And it worked with Iraq.

And Rwanda.

And I'm pretty sure it will work with Iran.

Just like it's working in Darfur.

Yes, the UN is a master of peaceful resolution of conflict. I could do far worse than to follow their excellent example.

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Kerrie said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed until my eyes watered!!