Monday, October 29, 2007

Roller Coaster Ride

OK, so this is copping to my OCD tendencies, but since we're close enough now to the date of Ethan's birthday for it to start showing up on the 10-day forecast on, I've been monitoring the predicted weather, since we'll be having his party over at the park next door.

The first day that it showed up, they were predicting 77 and sunny. Woohoo! Fantastic! Perfect party weather.

The second day I checked, they said 71 and sunny. All right, still not too bad.

Third day? 61 and sunny. Drat. Well, at least it's not supposed to rain.

This morning? We're trending back upwards - they're saying it will be 68.

And I'm going to have to stop looking, because I don't think I can take this kind of stress.

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