Thursday, October 25, 2007

Note to Self

Dear Self,

See, the thing about the washing machine is, you have to shut the lid. If you neglect this all-important step, it only pretends to go through the cycles, but really it's just filling and emptying and not much else, leaving you in the end with a soggy heap of clothes covered in a sticky (but good-smelling!) paste of laundry detergent.

You've been doing laundry for how many years now? And yet you still can't remember to lower the lid on the machine?

Get with the program, woman!

I still love you, though -


1 comment:

Kerrie said...

I do this too, usually on the same day that I toss in the dryer sheet, resettle the lint trap, turn the dial to the correct setting... and forget to twist the "start" knob. :-/