Thursday, October 25, 2007


Tonight, still feeling sick, I was trying to think of something quick and easy to make for the kids' dinner. I thought pancakes would be easy, and would be something they'd eat quickly instead of just picking at, so I got down my cookbook, flipped to the recipe, and what should jump to the forefront but the admonition that if I added too much milk to this recipe, I would end up with crepes.

Oh really? And that's bad because......?

I hadn't made crepes since freshman Home Ec, but it sounded so good I started brainstorming. I peeked into the freezer and sure enough, we still had bags of frozen strawberries and blueberries. Peeked in the fridge, and yes, there was a block of cream cheese I'd bought on a whim thinking surely I'd use it in something.

I popped about a cup of blueberries and cup and a half of whole strawberries into the food processor bowl and sprinkled them with about 2 tbsp of sugar (maybe 3?) and let them sit and start to thaw while I mixed up the pancakes. Then I gave the berries a quick whir before adding the cream cheese and blending it all together. Then as each crepe was done, I smeared some of the cheese on it and folded it up (the leftover cheese is sitting in the fridge and will be used to adorn my customary morning bagel).

So we all - not just the kids - had "crepes" (probably not TRULY crepes, but I can pretend) filled with berry cream cheese and dusted with a smidgen of powdered sugar. We inhaled them. Aidan ate three (!!!). Ethan only ate one, because, although he started out muttering to himself between bites, "delicious!" and "yum, yum, yum!" he suddenly realized it had blueberries in it, and he doesn't like chewing blueberry skins (yes, I know, they were all whirred into the cheese and you'd never even know they'd been blueberries to begin with, but YOU try telling that to my three year old). And Dave and I ate the rest. They were gone as fast as they came out of the pan.

I'm certain that a purist would be appalled, but I thought they were all manner of awesome, and we'll definitely be doing this again, either for a weekend breakfast or another lazy dinner.

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Kerrie said...

Okay Ami, you have three tiny boys, you're feeling ill, you want something quick and simple and you make crepes. Fruit & cream cheese filled crepes.
I'd have made instant oatmeal. :-S
You're totally my hero.