Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ethan's Thoughts on Heaven

Ethan: Dylan will be there! And Grandma [M], and Grandma [B]... Grandma [M] will drive her Honda there!
Me: You think so?
Ethan: Yes! And she will never go to Tennessee again!
Me: No, she probably won't.
Ethan: *tearing up and starting to cry* But I like Tennessee, Mommy! I like lots of cars there!
Me: But you know what? I bet there will be something even better in Heaven.
Ethan: Like what?
Me: It's a surprise. There will be lots of surprises there for us I bet.
Ethan: Like fans? And cars?
Me: Hmmm....maybe.
Ethan: And they will have heater fans there!

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Kerrie said...

Oh I'm with Ethan! Heaven definitely should be warm! :-)