Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Does Not Follow Direction

Trying to build on Ethan's newfound love of the alphabet (we talk about the alphabet every day - he has to know what letter starts practically every word that comes out of our mouths), I went out this weekend to the local Christian bookstore that also carries homeschooling supplies, and bought him a preschool workbook. Altogether he did four pages yesterday - one in the morning, and three that afternoon after nap (two of which were VERY simple and short, which is why we did so many).

And I learned something. I learned that the hard part of homeschooling Ethan is not going to be teaching him his letters, or teaching him to read, or teaching him to write. The hardest part is going to be teaching him to follow direction. I now completely understand why there is a special box for "Follows Direction" on elementary report cards. It's because it is actually a skill these kids have to learn first, before they can move on to anything else, and it's going to be...interesting...to see how Ethan responds to me trying to teach him this fundamental skill.

He actually started off quite well, doing a perfect job on his very first page.

The second and the third also went well. Then we got to the fourth. And he was overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of letters. He liked them all!! No letter left behind!!

So yeah. He actually got a big fat F in "Follows Direction", but that's OK. It's his first "real" workbook after all. He'll figure it out.


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Kerrie said...

I really shouldn't comment on my sons' ability to follow direction after all these years... it could be discouraging... I'll just say it's right on par with their reading comprehension and attentiveness...