Thursday, October 04, 2007

Continually Amazes Me

Last night while we were eating dessert and listening to Otis Redding, Ethan suddenly piped up to ask what the name of the song was that was on at the moment. (I Can't Turn You Loose - you know it, you just don't know you know it. Think Blues Brothers.)

He then turned to Dave and said, "This is the same song as at the eat place, Daddy!"

Dave and I looked at each other. The eat place? Obviously a restaurant, but which one? And when?

"Remember, Daddy?" he prompted. "The eat place that we went to when we were at the hotel?"

That could only be one place. The Mellow Mushroom, in Chattanooga, when Dave and Ethan took their trip to Dave's high school reunion back in August.

Ethan remembered a song he'd only heard once as background noise, and hadn't to my knowledge heard again until last night, from a month and a half ago!

As much as by now I shouldn't be, I will never not be surprised by what he retains.


Jamie said...

We can only hope they continue to retain so much as they get older. My memory is just GONE. I blame it on childbirth!!!

Kerrie said...

Yep, my memory, heck, my mind in general, is shot too - I think they somehow suck intellect from you... the more clever your child gets the dumber you become. ;-)