Thursday, October 04, 2007

Consumerism Runs Rampant (or: Mommy Proves Herself, Yet Again, Far Too Susceptible to Advertising)

It started when we got yet another Yankee Candle catalog in the mail. On the cover was a large reminder that any order over $45 could receive $15 off the order. I usually drool over these catalogs and then hand them off to Ethan who does the same (the pages are scented! Whatever will they think of next?), and after a few weeks we throw them out.

But this time, it ended up in Dave's hands as he was looking at it with Ethan, and he saw the reminder on the cover and said, "You can get some candles if you'd like." Well, yeah! Of course I would! And so I did.

Then tonight I found, through a convoluted and meandering primrose path of a web crawl, that my absolute favorite author hands down, has another novel about which I knew absolutely nothing. How did it happen that I completely missed this? I'll tell you how it happened. It happened in June of 2005, right smack in between the trip to Texas to buy our house and the actual move. I was planning a move, caring for a 20-month-old Ethan, and battling crippling morning sickness, having just discovered Aidan was on the way. Books? Ha! I couldn't handle anything more intellectual than "Ernie Follows His Nose." (Let's use our noses and find things to smell! Your beak or your snuffle will work just as well.)

I hopped on Amazon to see what I could find out about this new book, and saw that a Brand New Copy was to be had in the Amazon used bookstore for $0.01 + $3.99 shipping. I asked Dave if I could order it, and after a dismayingly long digression on his part regarding "how on earth can they make money selling new books for a penny - that doesn't even make sense!" he said I could have it, and I have never added anything to a virtual cart and checked out so fast in my life.

Now the question becomes, "can Mommy handle an actual real live novel anymore, or have three children essentially killed off what few brain cells she had left?"

We'll soon find out.

(Oh, and lest you think a few candles and a book don't count as rampant consumerism: in the past week I've also taken advantage of Clinique bonus days, bought a new shirt at the Kohl's grand opening (and can I just say YAY for Kohl's!), and I have the go-ahead to try Loreal's new mineral makeup, as soon as Walgreens deigns to restock my shade (like everything else here in Texas, they tend to mosey).)

(Oh, and also? As I was looking at the wiki page for the book, I saw that he has reportedly said that this will be his last novel. And my heart broke into a million tiny little pieces. Although, since it has been notated with "citation needed," it hasn't been officially verified and I can still hope, right?)


Jamie said...

We love those scratch and sniff Yankee catalogues. It's like a holiday around here when one arrives.

Kerrie said...

Wow, thank you for including the links for Umberto Eco! I had never even heard of him - his writings look fascinating! Guess what I'll be looking for tomorrow when we head to the library? :-)