Friday, September 28, 2007

One Bite Rule

We usually try to do the One Bite Rule with Ethan, though we are not as consistent as we could be. And, despite our inconsistencies, we are finally seeing some dividends.

After nearly two years, Ethan has discovered there is more to this life than PBJ, hot dogs, and fish sticks. Last week he scarfed chicken and vegetable lasagna. This week it's been tortilla casserole (Ethan's verdict at first bite: "Mmmmmmmm!!! Yummy!!") and, last night, spinach quiche. I was shocked that he liked the spinach quiche so much, since the last time it graced our table he was repulsed by it, and nearly spit out the bite we made him take.

When Ethan was very little I tried so hard to expose him to a wide variety of foods so that he wouldn't be that kind of picky eater. I wanted him to love the things that we loved. Sadly, that didn't take like I'd hoped, and my 9-month-old that ate spicy lentil and bacon soup turned into a 2-year-old who LOVED peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwiches, to the exclusion of nearly everything else.

Aidan, on the other hand, hasn't yet discovered that he's got taste buds, so with Aidan nearly anything goes. The spinach quiche he tucked into with such gusto he wasn't even chewing it, just swallowing as fast as I could shovel it into his mouth, and he was making his excited face with every bite I gave him. I hope he stays as willing to try the new things I give him, but I'm guessing we're due for another phase like Ethan's.

At least now I know it really is just a phase (albeit it a long one), and won't last forever!

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Jamie said...

Can I have the tortilla casserole recipe? :o)