Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Hectic Days Have Happy Endings

Morning's through, the kids abed
I now survey the scene.
They've left such carnage in their wake
You'd think a hurricane or quake
Had hit our home - I wonder if
I'll ever get it clean.

A leaking sippy full of milk,
A slice of toast or two,
And what is this? I think it's pear.
Is that banana in my hair?
Why yes, it was, and now it's the
Consistency of glue.

I've tidied up, and now, a bath.
By shaving I tempt fate.
The first leg's done - what's this I hear?
It's Dylan, wailing loud and clear.
With one leg shaggy, one leg smooth
I go investigate.

I jiggle him, he passes gas
And falls asleep once more.
Have I got time to scarf some lunch?
I'm guessing no - it's just a hunch,
And sure enough, I hear the "MOMMY!"
Float from Ethan's door.

And so the afternoon begins
My goal is just survival.
A dinner plan? Not in the mood.
We're going with convenience food.
I gather offspring, head outside,
We'll play till Dave's arrival.

At which point he'll take over
The two eldest of the three.
The dinner fed, the books all read,
He'll sing and pray and tuck in bed.
Then after all is said and done,
He'll still make time for me.

1 comment:

Kerrie said...

Ami!!! This is wonderful!! I laughed so hard. :D
You have got to send this somewhere to be published. You are SO talented!