Thursday, September 20, 2007

He Surprises Me With Something New Each Day

Ethan, pointing to the cover of my magazine: That's the letter R, Mommy! Just like on my bus!
Me: You're right! It sure is.
Ethan: What starts with R?
Me: Well, R says, "ruh." This says Rrrreader's Digest.
Ethan: What else?
Me: Well, Rrrrocks. And....rrrravioli.
Ethan, giggling: Rrravioli! And what else?
Me, embarassingly drawing a blank: ....
Ethan: Rabbit!!
Me: Very good! You've got it!

UPDATE: For the past twenty minutes, Ethan's continued drilling me on letters. We've learned what starts Ghost, Goblin, Monster (gearing up for Halloween, I guess?), Dog, Sierra, and Cat. He seems to be particularly enamoured with the letter G. I think I'll try to stretch this out with some coloring pages and maybe a workbook page.

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