Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Anything Else This Week is Icing on the Cake

It's been quite the social whirl for us this week. OK, so maybe not quite that, but still, we've been getting out more than we typically do.

On Monday we went to the zoo to meet some friends of ours. Unfortunately, I can't get the hang of life with kids enough to be anywhere on time (seriously, I used to be so punctual - this aspect of life makes me aggravated), and then I forgot the stroller, and then I hit every. single. light. red. So we showed up to the sandbox area about 15 minutes outside the agreed upon 12:30 - 1:00 window. And no one was there but us. By then Dylan was hungry so I nursed him (I'm not as brave as that makes me sound - the zoo was deserted that day, which was awesome for a shy nursing mom!) while Aidan played in the sand and Ethan played in the big antique Ford truck they have there.

Then Ethan decided he wanted to play in the sand too. And, I'm ashamed to admit it, but Ethan hasn't really had much (read: any) experience with sandboxes thus far, because I am a wimp of a mom who's been terrified to let my hyperactive son get anywhere near sand. First he took a huge bucket full of sand and dumped it over his head, and spent the next 5 minutes grinding sand between his teeth (now THAT is a sound I could do without hearing ever again!). Then he took a huge scoop of the stuff and flung it into the air, and it landed on the stroller and all over a nursing Dylan. To say I was unamused would be an understatement. But, like I said, he's kind of having to learn Sand Rules as he goes (Rule #1 - NO THROWING OF THE SAND!).

It was hot and I was getting grumpy and we all were gritty, so I was packing us up to head home, when I hear my name. I turn to see the friends I was supposed to meet, up at the top of the hill, children in tow.

So we stayed. And I'm glad we did, because hey! Grownups! Boy, is it nice sometimes to spend time with someone who can talk about something other than cars and fans.

Aidan then discovered he didn't really have to stay in the play area, and he kept trucking down the hill to see the toucans. And I had to go running after him. Because, you know, we are not here at the zoo to see the animals. We are here to play in the sand.

Oh, and did I mention that Aidan refused to eat any lunch before we left, but while we were there I couldn't turn around for a second without then having to pry his jaws open to scoop out rocks, acorns, sticks, and sand? Little stinker.

But still! Grownups! Yay!

(Plus I got to hang around barefoot in the sand.) (I pretended it was the beach.)

So then! Today! Lunch at Chez Bazan to celebrate the pastor's wife's birthday. Ethan behaved very well, Aidan was seated next to a little girl about his age who shared her Chex and crackers with him while we waited for our food, and Dylan slept the whole time. The food was wonderful, the cheesecake even better, and we had a lot of fun. Life was good.

But then we had to leave early becuase Aidan had a blowout diaper that leaked all over his shorts, and by the time we got home he had massive blisters on his thighs; and we got halfway to our van before realizing I hadn't paid for our meals, and so we had to truck back inside and at least the register was by the bakery cases - how's that for keeping kids occupied - pretty ingenious if you ask me; and on the way out I was trying to navigate the door while herding Ethan, holding Aidan's hand, and carrying Dylan in the carrier, and I accidentally passed Dylan under a potted plant because hello - three kids, but only two eyes, and they only go in one direction at a time - and a huge leaf swept into his carrier and across his face and yet he slept on!

And this post has gotten entirely out-of-control long, so I suppose I will stop typing now, but in closing I just want to say:




Kerrie said...

You are always so positive! After the sand and the leaky diaper I think I'd be whining that I never wanted to go out in public again. I've been taking Chloe and Caoimhe (and sometimes Corry) to playgroups and storytime all summer but I spend so much time chasing and correcting them that I forget there are other "grownups" around me... I'm going to try to appreciate our outings more.
Thank you! :-)

Jamie said...

I'm with are positive! I need to keep reading and hope you rub off on me. I would have been out of there as soon as the sand was flung!