Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Nurse Youngest while Eldest watches tivoed Thomases.

Take a couple of great pictures of Youngest and Eldest interacting (after a fashion).

Manage to keep Youngest quiet in his swing while I feed the other two their breakfasts.

Put Youngest to bed.

Referee the older two in far too many disagreements.

Discipline Eldest after he sacks Middle Child.

Discipline Eldest after he sacks Middle Child.

Discipline Eldest after he sacks Middle Child.

Discipline Eldest after he sacks Middle Child.

Etc., etc.

Discipline Eldest severely after he bodychecks Middle Child and sends him flying head-first into the entertainment center.

Fix lunch for Eldest and Middle Child, and leave them, with reservations, to their own devices so that I can nurse Youngest.

Pleased to see that Eldest is eating quickly and not messing around.

Pleased to see that Middle Child seems to be eating quickly as well.

Request that Eldest not make crude noises with his mouth at the table.

Advise Eldest that if he insists on continuing to make crude noises with his mouth at the table, lunch will be truncated, and he will be sent to bed.

Inform Eldest that lunch is truncated. Please go potty and get in bed.

Unlatch Youngest to discipline Eldest for throwing a tantrum instead of going potty.

Listen to Youngest and Eldest scream in stereo.

Finally wrestle Eldest into bed.

Exit eldest's room only to discover Corn Dog Nuggets scattered by Middle Child over rug and table.

Arbitrarily changing 5-Second Rule to 5-Minute Rule in order to better suit my purposes, blow off Corn Dog Nuggets and replace on Middle Child's tray.

Gather Youngest in arms, soothe, shush, and attempt to finish feeding.

Watch in annoyance as Corn Dog Nuggets go flying, one by one, to the floor.

Leave them there for the dog to vacuum up later.

Play peekaboo with bored, still-strapped-in Middle Child in attempt to buy time to finish feeding Youngest.

No dice.

Unlatch Youngest, listen to screams as I peel banana for Middle Child.

Which he finishes! Yay!

Youngest is done eating. Ready Middle Child for bed while Youngest becomes increasingly enraged at my abandonment.

Middle Child is down!

Top off Youngest, sway and bounce until he falls asleep.

Everyone in bed, 1/3 are sleeping.

Treat splitting headache with caffeine and Tylenol.

Pretend mashed potato smiley faces count as a vegetable.

Listen to the other 2/3 of my children wail (Middle Child) and sing (Eldest) instead of sleep.

Decide I deserve brownies!

To be continued...

1 comment:

Kerrie said...

You know what's scary?
My days are still really similar to that, even though Eldest and several Middles are in their teens.

I can just see myself at the head of our Thanksgiving table whem I'm 80 and they're all middle aged.. "Don't slap your brother! Stop kicking her - you're old enough to know better! No, no more turkey until you have some sweet potatoes..."