Monday, August 27, 2007

When the Cat's Away

Ethan is extremely strict about our language here in the house. We are not allowed to say all the Big Bad Words, of course, but then there are the lesser bad words which are also forbidden. Things like stupid, or idiot, or crap (dangit, however, is all right). He never misses them, even when he is at the other end of the house. He will come racing into the room and sternly admonish, "Don't say that word! That is not a nice word!" And if there is even the veriest hint of laughter or even a smile on your part at being chastised by a 3-year-old, it is swiftly discouraged: "Don't laugh at bad words! That is Not! Funny!"

Ethan and Dave left Thursday morning on a Father-Son bonding trip to Tennessee. Dave's high school reunion was this weekend, so they made a long weekend of it, and stayed with Dave's mom. They're due back tonight.

While he was excited about the trip, Ethan was also concerned with how we would behave when he was not here to keep us in line. Particularly my mother. He came to her the night before he left and very solemnly told her that she was not to say bad words while he was away. He had the air of a parent reluctant to leave a teenager alone in the house for fear they will throw a wild, drunken, lamp-shattering, carpet-ruining, wake-up-the-neighbors, someone-call-the-cops party for all their friends. She assured him she would keep her language in check.

Just please don't tell him that we've slipped up on several occasions (most notably in traffic). He'd never leave us here alone again if he knew! But, ah! - what a luxury it's been, not having to spell everything!

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Jamie said...

That is beyond funny! I'd love to meet your oldest son!