Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm home! Still can't quite get a handle on the pain, but that won't last forever anyway, right?

The pumping is going well, I think. I'm up to just under half an ounce at a session as of this morning. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have an ounce or so to take with us, at least.

I have an ear infection! Hooray! I haven't had an ear infection in about 10 years, and of course it would have to pop up just now. The timing is so awkward, I had no idea what to do about it, so I started out with my OB, to see if they wanted to treat it as a postpartum/post-op thing. They were kind enough to call in a prescription for some ear drops, so hopefully that and a hot water bottle will help.

So! I'm about to becoming a walking cocktail for Dylan, consisting of varying amounts of Vicodin, Motrin, Tylenol here and there, ear medication (at least it's not antibiotics!), and Lovenox - a blood thinner he prescribed presumably so that it wouldn't be as dangerous for me to be riding the long distances to Dallas and back. I'd like to avoid a blood clot on top of everything else, if I can possibly help it.

And I'm hoping against hope I'll be able to finally make it to Dallas and see my (thumbsucking!) baby tomorrow. I can't wait.


Jamie said...

Look at the sweet baby boy sucking his thumb! I hope you get to visit with him tomorrow. You are all in my prayers.

claire said...

I love thumbsucking babies. Something about seeing them suck their thumbs makes my heart melt.

He's such a cutie! :)