Monday, August 27, 2007

More Progress

Dylan's doing wonderfully. He's finally figured out how to nurse, so things have been much less hectic. And he's packed on two pounds in the two weeks he's been home, so he's steadily growing, and moved to the next size diaper this morning (though he still swims in his 0-3 month clothes!).

He still is a very calm baby, but he doesn't like being put down unless he's already asleep. So we hold him lots and lots and lots. When I can't do it, my mom has to stand in for me. I know this doesn't last forever - Ethan was about 6 weeks when I started being able to put him down for a bit and do other things - but in the meantime, my arms are quite tired!

I'll be glad when things are back to "normal," but in the meantime, things are just as good as they could be, and I have absolutely no complaints!

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Jamie said...

Good news! Now can we see some pictures? :o)