Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Good News

He's off his feeding tube! I got to hold him and give him a bottle (he took 38mL) and burp him and change his diaper TWICE (who would have ever thought I'd be excited about that?!) and take his temperature and change his shirt and EVERYTHING. I felt like a real mom.

He's pretty much off all tubes and wires. Just his pulse/ox thing on his foot, and three nodes on his chest. Nothing left that's invasive. The only thing left for him to do is get his bilirubin levels down - he's still somewhat jaundiced, and it keeps going up instead of down. I think once we get that under control, he'll be ready to come home.


Jamie said...

That is such good news! Praise God! I love that first photo of him. He looks so alert! I hope you keep on having precious mommy-boy moments with him til you can bring him home!!!

Kerrie said...

He looks so much like your other little men Ami! He's beautiful!
I can't wait 'till the homecoming announcement.
We'll keep praying. :-)