Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Hospital Has Wi-Fi!

Dave generously left me his laptop to play on while he went to Dallas to be with Dylan for the day. Otherwise, it gets mighty boring and lonely in the hospital all by yourself. I can't tell you how weird and surreal it feels to be have HAD a baby...and yet to have no baby to care for. I rented a pump and am working on making sure my body knows it's still expected to produce; I hope we can make an easy transition to the real thing when the time comes!

I really want to say thank you to everyone for all your prayers and emails and visits. The outpouring from all of you has been amazing and humbling, and I appreciate it from the depths of my heart. Even our pediatrician took time to pray with us yesterday after our discussion of what was happening, and what's more - she was in tears by the time she finished. I'm honored to know that our problems are your problems, and that we are not shouldering them alone. Thank you. Sincerely.

My OB was going to try to discharge me today so that I could go to Dallas to be with Dylan, and I am glad he aims to please, but I'm not quite ready to go yet. I mean, they've only just now moved me up from "clear" liquids to "full" liquids, basically meaning they still won't let me actually eat, and here they are trying to kick me out! For the record, I'm certain I could eat just fine given the chance, and I'm tempted to have Dave sneak me in some KFC tonight when he comes back.

And about the clear liquid diet: my meals yesterday and today pretty much consisted of the following (all on one tray, mind you): a popsicle, jello, sherbet, tea, broth, and for reasons known only to the Cafeteria Gods, a pat of butter and a warmed dinner plate. Maybe I'm expected to melt the butter on the plate and eat that? Is melted butter considered a nutritious part of a clear liquid diet? Who knows? Certainly not I.

Anyway, I'd best get back to the pump. I had to have iodine injected while having X-rays taken this morning, so for 48 hours, anything I get (which I'm predicting won't be much anyway) will be thrown out, but Dylan can't eat anything at this point anyway. By the time he can, hopefully we'll have things going well, and maybe the third time/child is the charm, and we will be 100% successful and make it all the way through to a year. I hope so!

Thank you again for checking in on us, and please continue to pray. I'm optimistic, but as moms, we can never really banish all the worry. I appreciate knowing I have support from everyone. It means so much.

Thank you.

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