Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good While it Lasted

Well, I wasn't able to keep him here long. He came for breakfast Sunday (biscuits, bacon, gravy, eggs, and juice), and stayed all day (mostly sleeping on the couch, poor thing!), and then left at 1AM to head back.

Ethan adored him. I'm sure he seemed larger than life, with the boots, and the hat, and the fancy car. Not at all like the Grandaddies he's seen in books and on TV!

Aidan was not nearly as impressed, though I think if he'd stayed one more day it would have worked out, since Aidan pitched a fit (or his version of one anyway, where he goosesteps in an overwrought manner, and tosses his head around vexedly) when I told him Grandaddy went bye-bye.

All in all, it went well. There were (thankfully!) no arguments about politics (we are for the most part diametrically opposed), unions (though I did manage a dig at them to which he responded with a roll of his eyes and a tolerant smile), or foreign-made cars. He mentioned he'd like to take a week's worth of vacation and come back. I told him anytime.

And finally, we'll close with a shot of Ethan playing at being Kenny Chesney (though in order to gain any credibility in the role, he'll probably have to first lose the sippie. Just sayin').

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Jamie said...

How wonderful that he came to visit and see his grandsons. It looks like he enjoyed them so very much!