Monday, July 30, 2007

Why You Never See Pregnant Spies

Last night after the kids were in bed my mom and I sat in the living room chatting. At around 10, we heard Ethan cough and then start to cry. We went into the hall and heard him alternately coughing, giving little choking cries, and babbling in little incoherent snatches. I waited to see if he was really awake and would call for us, or if he was only half asleep and would go back to sleep on his own.

Really, wouldn't you think I'd have adjusted my sense of where my belly is by now? Because as I leaned in toward his door to listen more closely, I banged right hard into his doorknob and rattled his door practically off its hinges.

And after that? Silence.

I'm still not sure whether he had gone back to sleep already, or if I scared him witless and he was lying in there paralyzed with fear at what might come through that door. Poor thing.

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