Friday, July 06, 2007

In Which I Am Unamused

The Fourth of July has come and gone, and yet here in Texas we are still celebrating . I say "we," but I really mean, "all the teenage boys in the neighborhood who still have a huge stash of fireworks they need to use up."

Last night, it was pouring down rain, so Dave and I were surprised to hear even more fireworks. Where on earth were they coming from?

I'll tell you where. From next door to us, at the park. From. Underneath. The. Pavillion.

Yes, you read that right. Two brilliant teenagers were setting off fireworks under the pavillion so that they wouldn't be in the rain. Dave saw several brightly colored flashes, and finally went out - in his boxers even! - to basically call to their attention the fact that they are IDIOTS.

He climbed up on the fence to peek over, and startled the heck out of the kids when he said, basically, "Dude. You cannot set off fireworks under a pavillion."

Taken aback though they were, one managed to reply, "we weren't!" and the other, "why not?"


Dave gave them an abridged version of "why not," and there were no more fireworks after he came back inside

(What the heck is with parents that see their teenage boys headed out the door in the pouring rain with a sackful of fireworks and don't ask any questions?)

But then! Today!

The rain finally abated, and as soon as Ethan had gotten settled in and quieted down for his nap, the fireworks and firecrackers started again, sounding even closer than last night - even sounding like it was in our back yard. I looked out, and saw the same kids, not hampered this time by the rain, standing in their driveway shooting rockets from the handles of their trash can

Whatever. It's daytime, they are not really keeping anyone awake (I'm more likely to be indulgent at 1PM than 1AM) - have at it. Use them all up while it's light, and be out of them by nightfall. Works for me

Next thing I know, I happen to glance out the window just in time to see a bottle rocket whiz by the window and land, still smoking, in the grass, not six inches from where Ethan's cars are parked on the patio. The stick splintered into 4 pieces on the patio and in the grass

I. Was. Livid

No, it didn't do any harm. But it could have. It is an unseasonably beautiful day here in Texas, and the weather was perfect for playing outside. It is very lucky for them that Ethan and Aidan were not outside playing at the moment, or my reaction would have been far far worse than just running over to their house and giving them a piece of my mind, to which they answered that was their "old trajectory" and they now had a "new one" and it shouldn't happen again.

I hate feeling like the Grinch that stole Independence Day. I know it doesn't sound like it, but I love fireworks. Honest, I do. But I do feel like I have to draw the line somewhere and I don't think it's TOO unreasonable to ask that smoking bottle rockets not land a foot or less from where my kids play

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Kerrie said...

GRRRRR!!! I'm with you, that makes me steam just reading it!
We have the same problem here, every July I pray for soaking rains because I'm scared to death that some idiot's wayward roman candle will set our roof ablaze.
This year I got my wish, it poured here on the 4th but one of our charming neighbors still shot off what sounded like sticks of dynamite until 1:00 AM.
At least he wasn't in the gazebo!

mommy said...

It surprised me that the rain doesn't dampen (heh) peoples' enthusiasm for exploding things. I'm just glad they're finally done with them for the year. It's always a week-long celebration here, and now we can sleep in peace again!

mommy said...

Peoples'? People's?