Wednesday, July 11, 2007


At this time (8:30AM), three weeks from today, I'll be holding Dylan.

People, I. Am. Ready.

It cannot get here soon enough.

Of course, this is all assuming my body does not rebel, and I make it to the 1st, which is a subject of debate in this household. My mother thinks yes, Dave and I are not so sure. Yesterday I killed a spider with a shoe, and my uterus strenuously objected. Then again, my uterus has been throwing its weight about and strenuously objecting to all sorts of outrageous behavior on my part - things like getting up from the couch or walking from one room to the next. I think my body is about to just throw in the towel, and secretly I'm kind of wishing it would, so I could get this over with.

So that's the update. We now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.


Gail said...

It's almost baby time, yay!!

mommy said...

LOL You of all people (except maybe Dave) are the most familiar with how ready I am for this to just happen already!


Kerrie said...

Wow! Are you having an induction or a scheduled C-section Ami?
At any rate, you're almost there, how exciting! :)

Jamie said...

Kerrie already asked the questions I had in mind. So exciting! Three boys...what fun!

mommy said...

It's the date for my C-Section. This will be my third - I have a lovely fibroid that is smack in the way of the birth canal. Sections are the only way to get everyone out safely.

Thank goodness for modern medicine, I say!