Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Timely Quote

"A failure or so, in itself, would not matter, if it did not incur a loss of self-esteem and of self-confidence. But just as nothing succeeds like success, so nothing fails like failure. Most people who are ruined are ruined by attempting too much. Therefore, in setting out on the immense enterprise of living fully and comfortably within the narrow limits of twenty-four hours a day, let us avoid at any cost the risk of an early failure. I will not agree that, in this business at any rate, a glorious failure is better than a petty success. I am all for the petty success."

Although these days "attempting too much" means doing anything more than making sure my children don't break any limbs while we pass the time waiting for lunch and naps and for Daddy to get home, I really needed to hear this today.

Feeling like a failure for the things I can't do really does seem to keep me from doing the things I can. I have got to learn to slow down, celebrate the things I manage to accomplish, and not beat myself up so harshly over the things I can't get done.

So I hereby resolve to take pleasure in my petty successes, whether it be keeping Ethan occupied enough that he doesn't sneak off for cake (or, in yesterday's case, butter, giving his lovely face a glowing sheen for the remainder of the day), or finishing a couple of loads of laundry (even if I can't hang them up, at least they're clean), or running the dishwasher.

(quote gleaned from The Common Room, a most enjoyable read from a "homeschooling family of 9")

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