Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Take Two...

...never materialized, actually.

The little girl and her mother and grandmother that couldn't live another minute without the kitten last night, apparently didn't want it as badly today, since they didn't return.

I don't know if the idea wasn't as appealing to the mom when she examined it under the harsh light of day, or if the husband nixed the idea when he found out what they were plotting (I don't think they consulted him first - they came straight from the park). Or perhaps it was all the biting and fighting after I made such a big deal about what a sweetheart this kitten was - "So gentle! So good with kids!"

So it's back to square one.

I've typed up an ad and am taking it to some veterinary clinics to post on their "Free to Good Home" boards. And I guess we'll just take it from there.

"...and so it looks as if Brownie will be with us until Saturday, at which point he goes to the Humane Society..." she said, two weeks ago.

Can't stay, blah blah, Humane Society, blah blah blah, not going to allow him to bond, BLAH.


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