Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Take One

We tried to give away Brownie tonight.

Yes, he's still with us. Yes, yes, I know. Hush up.

We've tried everything to make him not bond with us while he awaits a new home. He lives in the garage and the front yard. I do not cuddle and love on him for hours like I'd like to, but pick him up and hold him while Dave backs out the truck in the morning and while I shut the garage door at night. He has no special kitten toys. He has the basics - food, water, a litter box, and shelter from the rain.

Tonight at about 9 a little girl (about 2 years old), her mother, and her grandmother came to our door. They had been playing at the park, and the little girl had become enamoured of the kitten. Was it ours?

I told her it was only sort of kind of ours, and explained the situation. I asked if she knew anyone who'd like it. She told me her little girl had cried so hard when Brownie left, that she would like to take it home for her.

I was ecstatic. I hurriedly dumped his litter box and got food, litter, and dishes together. Packed everything up and sent them off with a wave, a smile, a warning to keep him in the house for several days so he wouldn't come back here, and an actual, literal prayer that he would stay put and that all would be well.

Not five minutes later as I was updating Dave on the situation, they were back.

Brownie had gotten as far as the corner, and he scratched and bit and fought and fit before making a leap for it and running back here as fast as his little kitten legs would carry him. As I watched, he pooped in the bushes and then ran under the van.

The little girl was devastated. I assured them they could try again in the morning as long as they got here before 10 (playgroup, dontcha know). I would even carry the cat to their house for them and drop him off.

So that's what we'll do. I hope he stays not just for our sake, but for that poor little girl who is convinced she may have a new kitten, while the kitten has decidedly opposite ideas of his own.

Wish us luck.

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