Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Playgroup That Wasn't

Well, this is indeed the most casual of playgroups.

The first week, I was 15 minutes late, and was still the first one there. Last week, I was the seasoned regular, since the only other mom who showed up was someone who had never joined us before.

And this week? We arrived nearly an hour after start time, and no one had been there at all.

But, lest you think I am kvetching, that wasn't a bad thing! That meant only a slight change in plans. Since I had already packed us a lunch, and I hated to have done so and shod the children for nothing, I made a quick phone call to Dave, and we continued on down the road to meet Daddy for a picnic lunch.

We met on the grounds of the Goodman Museum. The kids had a great time. Ethan even finished his entire lunch in record time. Aidan found a stick, poked around in some flowers, and examined the pebbles in the sidewalk while Ethan climbed tree stumps, dug in the dirt, and played peek-a-boo. And the bench we chose was right next to a gardenia bush, which made me very happy - it smelled heavenly.

I suppose we'll have to scratch playgroup and make other plans for our Wednesdays, but if every Wednesday's early afternoon is as pleasant as today's, we'll be doing just fine.

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