Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Desperate Times

Willing to try anything to abate the painful edema in my feet (hello, third trimester!), I did some Googling yesterday and ran across this:

"immersion in water at 32 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes leads immediately to diuresis and fall in blood pressure compared with bed rest but unknown if changes sustained or beneficial"

So guess where I was at 6:30 this morning? Soaking in a cold bathtub, seeking relief.

And did I accomplish anything with this exercise?

Well, aside from ruling out a long, cold bath as an effective treatment for edema, no. My feet are still painfully swollen.

Those of you who are, in the words of so many ads, "pregnant or seeking to become pregnant," well, I've done the research and played the role of guinea pig so that you don't have to.

So today on my Possibly Effective Diuretic menu I still have left Freshly-Squeezed Lemon Juice in Water and Good Old-Fashioned Caffeine.

And if neither of those work, at least my next doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning, so I will just stuff these bloated feet into my too-tight Crocs and waddle into that office and seek a professional opinion.

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Momma said...

When suffering from edema in pregnancy, I have learned (and tried, successfully) that increasing your good salt intake helps! Not potato chips, processed foods, etc, but good, old fashioned sea salt or kosher salt! Bake a potato and liberally add real butter, salt and cheese! Pop some corn in red palm oil and salt away! Use the amount of salt called for in recipies! EAT EGGS!

Incredible as it sounds, it really does help! I have birthed five of my eight. I had pre-eclamsia and severe edema with the first, delivered at 36 weeks, after preterm labor was stopped at 31 weeks. My second was born at 37 weeks after being medicated for preterm labor from 6 months, my third (after I learned some nutritional wisdom) was 41 weeks, my fourth, 40 weeks, and my fifth, 40 weeks as well, all three with little edema.

Please let me know how it owrks for you! A WONDERFUL site is