Friday, June 01, 2007

Berry Picking

It's been busy busy busy here at Chez Mommy.

Wednesday was play group, yesterday was storytime at the library, and today we went blackberry picking!

Ethan was only enthused for about the first 20 minutes, then he started to get hot and bored ("I want to pay for these, Mommy. Mommy, can we go pay for these now?"). I think we might try again in a few weeks; most of the berries hadn't ripened yet, and we really had to hunt for the good ones. I'd hoped to get enough to share, but we only got enough for one big cobbler with a little left over.

Oh! But! Here's something I never knew existed: thornless blackberry bushes! I have never in all my berry-pickin' days seen such a thing. Whatever will they think of next? I had Ethan all prepared, cautioning him well in advance that they were prickly, but assuring him that I'd show him how to be careful, and we got there, and they were toothless. It felt so strange to just reach willy-nilly into the bush for a berry and not pull back a shredded hand.

Moving on, here are the first (published) pictures from the new camera!

Aidan, cheerful as usual:

Ethan, raring to go, with his very own bucket (I love this picture because when you click it as big as it goes, you can see the front of the counter matches his eyes):

Ethan had a good eye for the good berries.

You can see the ripe berries were far outnumbered by the "green" ones.

I had a hard time getting Ethan back on track once he discovered this little bridge (there is no way I could have gotten this shot with the old camera - I would have ended up with nothing more than a blurry speck in the distance)

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