Thursday, May 31, 2007


We went to our first official playgroup yesterday morning, at a local church.

Ethan did far better than expected, and I was very happy about that.

He did spend a brief bit of unsupervised time outside with a few of the other children, however, so I was not all that surprised to hear from him when we got home that he had been chased and growled at by Tommy, a boy about two years older than he.

Ethan told me that he hadn't hit or kicked or shoved Tommy, but confessed that he had said a Very Bad Word to him, in an effort to get him to leave him alone.I asked him what he had said that was so awful. At first he refused to tell me. It was so bad, apparently, that he couldn't bring himself to repeat it at all.

Oh, Lord, I thought. This was an inauspicious beginning to our new playgroup. What horrible thing is this boy going to repeat at home tonight? Will we be invited back?

I assured Ethan that it was safe to repeat the word to me; that I just wanted to know what it was. He mouthed it very dramatically, but I still didn't understand. I asked him to repeat it one more time, a little louder.

He whispered, so softly that I could hardly, barely, only just understand him.

He had told Tommy "shut up."

My relief that it wasn't something far worse was pretty great, though I still had to act disappointed for the sake of the moment. I reminded him it wasn't a nice word to say, and instructed him to come to me next time he is having a hard time with one of the other children. He promised he would, and so it ended on a high note.

And if "shut up" is the worst thing my child ever says to another child, after spending his first two years around his foul-mouthed mother (now reformed (mostly)), I guess we're doing OK.


Jamie said...

You? Foul-mouthed? Just can't imagine! ;o)

Aren't play groups great? I'm telling you...both Ida and I count the days til our next one each week.

You and I really need to live closer together. It's a darn shame you're in Texas!

mommy said...

I had no idea what I was missing out on with the playgroup thing! Ethan's already begging to go back. We're learning the days of the week, just so he can "count" to Wednesday. LOL

I know! It would be so much fun to live closer together!