Friday, May 11, 2007

More Random Stuff

Ye Gods, I am exhausted. These days when I get a break from the kids (naptime), you are more likely to find me in bed watching vintage ER episodes than anything else.

There's a reason that I will have three children without ever having gone into labor. It's because in lieu of it, I've paid my pain dues during the pregnancy itself. Labor on top of all of this would simply be unjust. My doctor has actually prescribed Vicodin! I'm still weighing the pros and cons of actually taking it.

We finally broke down and got season passes to the zoo. It's probably the best purchase we've made this year. Now when we are dying to get out of the house, we have somewhere to go. Last zoo trip, we were supposed to meet up with someone, but, in a comedy of errors, ended up not. So we wandered around, ate the lunch we brought, bought a ring pop and a lemon ice, watched the penguins swim (Aidan's favorite - he gets so excited I can hardly get him out of the stroller what with all of his enthusiastic "helping"), and played on the vintage Ford truck and sandbox (Ethan's favorite - forget animals!). Two hours we were there, and it was wonderful and relaxed.

I put a cilantro seed in our planter a couple of weeks ago, with very little expectation it would sprout. The seed packet says they expired last August, but I figured since I had them already, there was nothing to lose. Two weeks I waited patiently, and nothing happened. I had given up, but then earlier this week we had storms and a ton of rain. And sure enough, yesterday when I went out to check on the plants, among them was a baby cilantro plant.

You would not believe how many people are asking me if the boys are twins. I mean, yeah, you can tell they are brothers, but twins? Goodness. Yesterday during a trip to Target, two people asked me. In one trip. I wonder what it will be like when they are actually the same size.

I have a zillion errands to do this morning, none of which I feel like doing, but duty calls so I must dash.

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