Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Meet Brownie

It appears we may have a foster kitten (pending spousal approval, of course - Hi Dave!).

Yesterday evening while Ethan and I were out in the back yard playing, we heard a strange noise. When he asked, I told him it must be a bird. I was thinking it was a bird that sounded a lot like a kitten (see how brilliant pregnancy makes me?).

Turns out it actually was a kitten, over at the park, crying at the fence to get into our yard.

I went over and "rescued" him, bringing him home for Ethan to play with. Ethan kept asking me what his name was, and since I didn't have a satisfactory answer, I finally asked Ethan what he thought he should be called. So Brownie it is (I'm assuming in homage to the dessert he'd just finished). He's a very gentle kitten, and loved his playtime evidently, because when I tried to take him back so his owners could find him, he followed me home again and camped out under our van.

I'm sure he's got owners - he's not dirty (or wasn't, at least, until his night under the van) or flea-y or diseased-looking. He looks healthy and well cared for, he's just lost.

We certainly can't keep him. Heaven knows we have plenty of critters in this house, both four-legged and two. We'll put up signs and give it at least a day or two, I guess.

I hope someone claims him.

UPDATE: Signs are up, on three lamp posts, the swingset at the park, and the basketball goal facing the west entrance to the park. One of the kids in the neighborhood is going to ride Brownie around on his bike this afternoon, door to door, to ask if he belongs to anyone. Dave had the idea to send an email out at church asking if anyone wants to adopt him (assuming his owners don't claim him), and so it looks as if Brownie will be with us until Saturday, at which point he goes to the Humane Society, which I REALLY am hoping and praying I'll be able to avoid.

Have I got any readers in East Texas looking to adopt a sweet little kitty, tan and white with blue eyes?

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