Thursday, May 24, 2007


In an IM this morning, Dave asked me if I wanted my birthday present now, or if I wanted to wait until my actual birthday (nearly a month away).

I figured he must have a reason to want to give it to me now - that he must feel that I need it and would benefit from having it immediately, so I told him it was up to him.

He had me look in the corner of the closet in the office.

That's where I found this:

An Olympus Evolt E500 digital SLR camera. To say I was stunned would be spectacularly understating things.

I have been begging for a new camera, since our current digicam has been around since the Paleolithic Era. Any movement whatsoever on the part of the photographee is enough to produce a picture which is nothing more than a blur. Not to mention the time lapse for the camera's brain to process the fact that you've actually pushed the button, and to respond by snapping the picture, is about 2 seconds. Which when you are trying to take pictures of kids and dogs? Is an eternity. Also, it was lousy with low light, yet the flash was way too bright. I couldn't win. It seemed that every single time I turned the damned thing on, I was frustrated by not being able to get even close to the shot I'd imagined.

Exhibits A and B:

Also, it takes 4 AA batteries at a time, which it chews up and spits out like so much cheap tasteless bubble gum.

To replace it, I had done a little research and picked out something relatively cheap, but still a vast step up from what we have, and that's what I put on my Amazon wish list and hinted broadly for.

I was not in a million years expecting something as snazzy as what I actually got.

As excited as I am, I feel enormously intimidated. I don't think I've ever owned anything as high tech as this in my life. The manual is 200 pages long. I've glanced at it, but I'm thinking I will probably need some sort of CliffsNotes. Or perhaps even a photography class.

But still...the excitement really does far outweigh the intimidation. I've got it charged and ready to go, and the xD card for it should arrive any day. I am chomping at the bit and ready to get started.

So get ready for this mommy blog to morph into an amateur photography blog.

And, last but definitely not least, THANK YOU, DAVE, a million times over!

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Dave said...

You're welcome, my love.