Thursday, April 12, 2007

WARNING: I Have No Life

I'm about to turn into Boring Lady Who Talks About Nothing But Her Plants.

I'm sorry, in advance. It's just, well, whenever I manage to keep anything alive for more than a week, I get giddy. Remember last year? Yeah, and then everything died. So I think the jinx lies in blogging about it, but I can't help it. I want it documented that for one brief shining moment I was a gardener. With real plants, that bear real flowers and real fruit.

The strawberries, for instance. We now have four that are turning pink, and several new little green babies. And new white flowers are growing faster than I can count them.

Then there's the tomato plant, which this morning had sprouted teeny little so-new-they're-still-green flower buds, the biggest no bigger than my pinkie nail. So far there are four. Four future lucious red juicy tomatoes.

Even the basil is getting teeny little new leaf sprouts.

If I can just get one tomato...I'll be pleased with the harvest. All I ask is to make it that far.

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