Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I've mentioned before that I have a black thumb. I can manage to keep things alive for a couple weeks usually, but after that, any plants of mine will generally wilt and then die.

This doesn't stop me from being inspired anew each spring, and thinking that maybe, just maybe, this will be the year. Maybe this year I can manage to nurture a little garden of potted herbs. And wow, wouldn't it be nice to grow our own tomatoes? And this year I've broadened my gardening horizons to include some strawberries.

We potted everything on Friday.

Today I noticed that one of the strawberries has the very faintest hint of blush peeking through its pale green, and I am far more excited about this than I ought to be.

Now I suppose the challenge will be to protect it from the birds and from Ethan while it ripens.


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

I am jealous. We planted strawberries last year and were told it would take two seasons to produce fruit. Tom managed to keep it alive in our basement this winter, but it isn't looking very healthy. I'm hoping once the spring weather returns and we get it outside it will grow berries!

mommy said...

Oh dear! I guess I inadvertently cheated a little, because the little plant I brought home from Home Depot already had a few little green berries on it!

I hope you get some berries this year! It's so exciting! I assume you have yours potted as well, since you were able to bring it inside?