Monday, April 09, 2007

Something is Not Right

Shortly after we moved to Connecticut, right around this very same time of year, it snowed. Snow! In April! As a displaced Georgian, I was unamused. "What is this nonsense?" I sputtered. "Snow in April? That's just downright unnatural."


This past weekend, guess what happened.


That's right. Snow.

On Thursday it was in the 80s. On Saturday we noticed flurries in the morning which quickly changed to quite a heavy snowfall, and it didn't stop till early afternoon. None of it stuck of course (see previous note: Thursday it was in the 80s), but still - it was disconcerting to look out the windows and see huge white flakes swirling through the air.

In Texas. In April.

Dave's blaming Global Warming.


Heather (Morse) said...

Ami - not sure if you got my email, Sari passed along your blog addess. Would love to chat.

mommy said...

Hi Heather! :)

Yes, I got your email and responded, but I guess you didn't get it. I'm so sorry - I promise I wasn't ignoring you! I just sent it again from Hotmail.