Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

I haven't had a lot of time lately to sit down and put any new posts up. So here is just a sampling of what's been going through my head.

1) Yesterday, Ethan had a VERY difficult day, and didn't take a nap. Today, he had a difficult morning, but went down for nap early and slept well. But. Aidan decided not to nap. Right now, I get a good day here and there where they are both well-rested and well-behaved. When I have three, will that ever happen again? What are the odds of all three having a "good" day on the same day? Are the numbers in my favor, or against me?

2) I am really enjoying going out to the plants (several times a day, I'm ashamed to admit - compulsive much?) and checking them, watering them, feeling the leaves, and smelling them on my hands. Especially the tomato. There is something warm and ripe in the scent of tomato leaves. It's quintessentially the smell of summer.

I take Ethan with me whenever I can, and he's been pointing out new green strawberries to me, and delighting in pinching little pieces of the herbs and smelling them. He can identify everything out there now (tomato, strawberry, thyme, basil, and lavender), and tonight he took samples of each for Daddy to smell as well.

The tomato plant is doing so well I'd swear we could sit on the patio and actually see it growing if we watched it hard enough. The stem is now as big around as my finger, and we have three yellow flowers, and eleven new little buds. I'm starting to feel more confident about it, and even (gulp!) planning ahead to next year. I'm feeling brave enough to even think about putting tomato plants in the actual ground next year (a HUGE step for me to even consider it!), and perhaps using the empty pot for a small blueberry bush. Although perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.

UPDATE: I've just been informed that Aidan is getting into the gardening thing too. Dave tells me he just had his first taste of dirt, and seemed to enjoy it.

3) I'm testing two new recipes this week to see if they are bake sale worthy. If so, I'll take them to our church's sale on Thursday. The brownies, while ugly (I know how to fix that though - there wasn't nearly enough frosting to go around, so a double batch ought to cover it), were a big hit here at home and at Dave's office, so now we just have to see if something called "blueberry boy-bait" will fare as well. If all goes well, I promise I'll post recipes.

4) Aidan's first word is, apparently.....cheese. Every time I put him in his seat for a meal, he says expectantly, "Deeth? Deeth?" Mostly the answer is: no, not this time. But he is ever hopeful.

And now for something completely different:

Ethan in his new "planet hat" that Miss Gail was thoughtful enough to send us (they're blurry - he was too excited to hold still)!

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